I'm Sure You've Hoisted Many a Horse

E-mail Submitted by Rose:

Our profiles both say a lot about each other, but I figure that a message is a good way to go more in depth here goes.

I work part time as a wilderness guide and part time as a consultant for all kinds of things.  Call me a renaissance man or whatever you like.

I have my own place.  Just enough room for me and someone else to be cozy.  You?  Maybe.  We'll see.

Could probably lift a horse if I tried.  Never tried though.  Why would I, when I could have one lift me?  XD

I have two of them.  You have two hands so why not two guns?  They are used for protection only.  Or in case you ever piss me off!  Just kidding. XD

That's me no apologies.  You now.



  1. Er...what's wrong with this one exactly?

  2. Baku um the part where he said "in case you ever piss me off" that is a bit sketchy don't you think?

  3. Thousand things wrong with this Baku. 1) Working two part-time jobs does not make you a renaissance man. 2) He could not lift a horse if he tried. 3) Kind of a bit too forward with saying that his house could be cozy for her, especially on a first message. 4) As mentioned by Melina, "joking" about using the guns in case she pissed him off is a big no-no.

    It's nowhere near as crazy as some of the other emails here. But it does raise red flags

  4. This email reminded me of stats for a character in an RPG.

  5. Wait. His place has just enough room for him and someone else to be comfortable? Does he live in a box?

  6. Meh, I just looked at it as a guy with a sense of humor. I guess I've seen so much crazy shit on this site, that emails like this don't faze me.

  7. I don't think that this one is all that terrible, specially comparing to every other e-mail on this blog... At least it's somewhat well written. Sort of.


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