I'm Inspired to Hit "Delete"

Email Submitted by Glenda:

I want to INSPIRE.  Read my profile and tell me if it INSPIRES you.  I am the son of my parents and brother to my siblings.  The whole family INSPIRES!  We are all a talented bunch (the talented bunch? lol) and and when you date me you date my whole INSPIRING family!  Music!  Art!  Literature!  We can make it if we try!  And ALL OF LIFE TO BE ENJOYED!  None better!  Do partake of our bounty - lots to share and be shared!  INSPIRATION!



  1. I can just picture the music, art, and literature that he is referring to as all-things Biblical...

  2. Why is "the talented bunch" funny? I don't get it.

    Also, why does this feel creepier coming from a guy?

  3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre family probably also considered themselves talented.

  4. @Mediator: He was probably referring to a "name" for his family, like the Brady Bunch or something.

  5. Ari- I'm thinking the Partridge Family. Does he have a van painted in bright colors to make people happy?

  6. So he's the son of his parents and brother to his siblings? I gotta write this down...

  7. @Ari, ah, well if people learned the capitalize titles, I wouldn't be in this mess now would I?


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