Hey, That's Not a Time Period

Email Submitted by Carlo:

What's your favorite time period? Mine's before and after life- the death world, wherever that may be. We should time travel together there sometime.



  1. My favorite time period is when the girl I'm seeing is off hers

  2. ^ No more comments. This is it.

  3. I'm pretty sure before life doesn't count as death

  4. Ahahaha, oh Howie. Hilarity as always.

    Is it weird that I initially thought that this was an email that a GUY was sending to someone? It just seems more like a creeper guy kinda thing to say.

  5. BTW Mediator: THAT was your final straw? Really?!

  6. No, not that. I meant Howie got it so right, that any other comments (from other commenters) would be purely unecessary.

  7. Sad panda, sir. I'm sorry that we were too ignorant to follow orders. :(

  8. That's alright, it just makes you perfect henchmen - or clone trooper. Tell me, if Luke Skywalker were 20 feet in front of you, would you be able to shoot him? Or would you fire in a 15% radius all around him and his allies?

    1. I'd probably holla at him and try to get him to make out with me. ;)


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