Email Submitted by Kayla:

my gfs milk tastes nasty.  u got better milk in them tits?  no sex no cheatin just want ur milks.



  1. my gf had calves only a cow would love. you got better calves in them pants? no sex...just want to taste your veal.

  2. Best. Title. Ever.

    Thank you, Jared!

  3. P.Diddy only drinks the ffinest of the breats milks!

  4. Damn mobile phone. (First time reading this on my new Droid! Hooray, technology!)

    I obviously meant "breast milks."

  5. Nice Nikki! That makes two of us. Just activated mine like an hour ago.

  6. Kitabare, mine's a Droid 2 b/c I like having the qwerty keyboard, but the letter "e" on my keyboard sticks, so I spend a lot of time changing words like "eeveeeery" to "every" that I don't notice other typos sometimes. :P

  7. I just got an HTC Inspire. Still getting used to the touch screen keyboard myself. I keep doing things like hitting b instead of n. But I have games I can play now. Yay!


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