By "Date" I Thought You Meant the Fruit

Story Submitted by Steve:

Jennifer and I planned to meet up on a Friday, but when Friday rolled around, she called me to postpone. "I have an appointment that I forgot about," she said. I didn't think it good form on her part, but what could I do? I wished her well at her appointment and asked her to call me when she wanted to meet up.

She called me the next day, Saturday morning, to ask if I wanted to meet up up for a quick lunch. I told her that I had lunch plans (which was true) but that I could meet up with her for dinner.

She replied, "I see, so this is you getting revenge on me for yesterday, is that it?"

"No. Hard as it may be to believe, I actually have plans with more people than just you. Do you want to meet up for dinner or not?"

She agreed to dinner, and imagine my surprise when she called less than an hour before to inform me, "Can't make it. Something came up."

I asked her, "Is this your way of telling me that you're not interested?"


"Then how should I take it?"

She said, "It's been literally years since my last date. I keep canceling because you get me so nervous, what with wanting to meet up all the time."

I asked, "Isn't that what people who want to see each other do? You know, see each other?"

She said, "Not me."

"Okay, then have a nice life."

"That's it? You're just going to hang up?"

"If this is as far as our relationship will go, then I don't see a point in delaying the inevitable."

"Inevitable? My god, you're a jerk." She hung up on me, then called me right back. I let it go to voicemail. I listened to it, and she had called me all manner of things. While I listened to it, she called me again, and I let it go to voicemail once more.

In the new message, she apologized and asked me to give her one more chance. While I listened to that one, she called yet again.

On that third and final message, she insulted me a bit more before signing off. She was just too confusing for me.


  1. and you've been married for ten years now? I want to see more of those!

  2. She sounds very insecure. And annoying. But she may have a point about the 'inevitable' remark.

    If OP had had a little more patience, and assuming he had a genuine interest in her based on some prior interaction, she might have got over her fears.

  3. I've had something vaguely similar.

    Me: Want to go out and catch dinner or something sometime?
    Her: Sure!
    Me: How about [date and place]?
    Her: I don't like making plans. I think about the really bad ways it could go and the really good ways it could go. So I'm nervous beforehand due to the potentially bad things, and some degree of disappointed afterwards if it didn't live up to the possibly really good things.
    Me: Okay?

    [I figure she'd prefer if I just called like a bold out of the blue. time passes]

    Me: Would you like me to bring over some fruit and some music?
    Her: No. I'm on my way to work.

    [time passes]

    Me: Would you like me to stop by with a telescope?
    Her: No. I'm on my way to bed.

    [time passes]

    Me: Would you like to [something I can't recall, but similarly innocent and interesting]
    Her: Why do you keep suggesting things?! It's very rude!!

    [I pretty much give up at that point]

  4. Would you like me to bring over some fruit and some music?
    Rrrrreally, YoungWilliam?

    Perhaps it was the suggestions you were giving that turned her off? Wow..

    Please submit ABCotD ...I bet it'd be hilarious.

  5. Nah, I'm with Steve on the "inevitable" thing. I for one have no idea how you have a relationship with someone you never actually see. As far as I'm concerned, a relationship *by definition* includes spending time together, often, and enjoying it (to say nothing of the necessary physical contact, and I don't just mean sex, either -- sex is important, but so are hugs and hand-holding).

    As for her being insecure -- well, she was flat out unwilling to work on it herself (she didn't want to see him!), and no one's paying him to be her therapist. He couldn't help her without her consent and cooperation, anyway.


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