But My Eleventh Finger Is My Dirtiest

E-mail Submitted by Terrence:

Hey Terr (k if I call you Terr?  Terr The Terrible!)

Anyway thanks for everything you said.  You did'nt comment on my nails though.  Did you see the pic of them?  All ten nails (how did I take the picture if all ten fingers are in it??  mystery...) but they're clean.  I like clean nails especially on guys because guys nails get so much dirtier.

Could you send me a picture of your nails?  I just want to see how clean they are and you can also send me a toenail picture too.  Not that I'll be seeing your toenails but if we meet and they're dirty then I'll be thinking okay here's this guy with dirty squishy toenails and eewwww!!!  All ten toes in the picture.

Write me again and I'll tell you how to take a picture of all ten fingers together (hint: your tongue it's like an eleventh finger!).



  1. Wow. Just a run-of-the-mill annoying girl until that last sentence. ALARMING.

  2. And here I was thinking that the mystery was that SOMEONE ELSE took the picture. I mean, that's how someone sensible would... oh. Right.

  3. Seems like she never heard of a timer on a camera...

    But yeah, maybe he could have offered to introduce his twelfth finger to her eleventh.

  4. Or maybe he could eleventh finger bang her.


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