And You Must Be Koalemos

E-mail Submitted by Elizabeth:

You say in your profile that you like designing mazes and have traveled to five continents.  Do you count North America as a continent because everyone's traveled there.  We were born here, dolt!

You should probably say that you've traveled to four other continents.  No need to artificially inflate your continent travels.  Also, you design mazes?  Wow.  Let me just hand you the genius cup right now.  A maze designer who has trveled to five continents!  YOu must be daedalus!  You want an award?  How about every award?  You probably do, you shitbrain ms. woman.



  1. His rage defies description.

    Did he consider maybe she's been to five other continents?

  2. Maybe she WASN'T born in North America. I doubt he considered that.

  3. Actually I think most geographers recognise seven continents now.

    But I think he really likes her, you know, like a 6 year old boy pulling a girl's plaits?

    He seems very insecure, poor little boy...

  4. Even more puzzling than messaging someone and expecting them to fuck you/change themselves for you/both are the people who message others just to tell them how stupid they find them.

    I will never understand what the hell they were thinking or why they're on dating sites rather than at some anger management courses.

  5. Also, Andrew, I've never been to North America.

  6. A girl who knows who Daedalus is? Hell yes, I wanna date her!

  7. Jared, I love the title. Granted, I had to Google it to get the reference, but I like it. :)


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