And What a Teacher You'll Be

E-mail Submitted by Guy:

princess looking for prince!  helllloooooooo out there in tv land or internet land or whatever land is out there.....

i'm a barnburner i'm a brouhaha!  prob the most fun girl you'll EVER meet.  i like to party!  but also i likie to have quiet evenings in.  if you ask me how many friends i have i will say i just can't make up my mind!

i'm in school now learning to become a teacher.  i'm going to become the best teacher ever because i've done a lot of research on who likes what when it comes to teaching.  it's harder than most people thnk!  some things that were opkay in class when i was growing up aren't okay anymore.  remember compasses?  can't use them.  students stab each other with them and have what SPANKING.

sometimes spanking's alright, but in the bedroom or certain designated places.  like my bedroom.  haha.

you teach too?



  1. If OP is from California, I'm glad she isn't likely to get a job right now. As a teacher, I get very tense and nervous about this girl. My comfort is that no one is hiring right now.

  2. This chick is why I homeschool my kids.


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