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Story Submitted by Isaac:

Tina had a very attractive and unique profile. Not only was she very pretty, but she also appeared to have a good head on her shoulders. She worked as a school administration consultant, helping school districts meet curriculum standards, or something like that.

She said, though, that she always wanted to act, and looked forward to leaving her position to try something new. Her volunteer work, both nationally and internationally, made her come across as inspiring. That's why I wrote her.

She was very excited to hear from me and wrote me a very nice response ("Thanks for not asking me if I'd sleep with you on a first date!"). We made plans to meet up, and she said she could do a weekday after work.

I picked out a place and arrived early. Imagine my surprise when a short, squat, imp of a woman with the darkest artificial tan I'd ever seen lumbered her way into the establishment and said, "Hey, Isaac! I'm Tina."

I said, "You're not Tina."

She said, "Yeah, I am. Pictures are a little outdated, so this is me, take it or leave it."

I left.


  1. Sucks, but it is what it is.

  2. Ewwww sounds like you dodged a Bad Case of the Snookies.

  3. Everybody loves a good bait 'n' switch. Seems to be the most common pitfall of internet dating but it always cracks me up because I think, "how can lying about your appearance not backfire 99.9% of the time??!!"

  4. ^ They probably figure, "Well, once he gets to know me online, he won't mind the fact that I'm 200 pounds heavier than my picture shows!"

  5. The OP was just discriminating! Oompa Loompas deserve love too!

  6. ^^ LMFAO; that was probably the best case!


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