Why America Lags a Bit

E-mail Submitted by Scott:

Your are a guy and so I have questions for you:::


AT DiNNER does a man pay or a woman pays?

Now I want to tell you about me.  I lived in my parent's gargae until the roof collapsed!  It didn't collapse on me but it was hugely funny (not for the roof) and so I had to get my own place to live after that.  I live in a quiet neighborhood now and my roommate lets NO GUESTS so we have to meet outside somewhere....

hmmmmm k what else?  I work with 1st graders and teach them to read and color.  I'm studying to teach but its slow I'm not taking lots of classes at once because I'm also working.  I work with 1st graders to teach them reading.  We also color.

What about you?  Tell me about yourself!



  1. hmmmmm k what else? I work with 1st graders and teach them to read and color. I'm studying to teach but its slow I'm not taking lots of classes at once because I'm also working. I work with 1st graders to teach them reading. We also color.

    Fuckin' Christ. This is why the government needs to invest more in education.

  2. ^ Seriously. Teachers here in New Jersey are all up in arms because Christie wants them to be paid and given jobs based on performance and he's trying to do away with tenure. I don't see why they're so pissed since if they're doing a good job they have nothing to worry about.

  3. She can't take too many classes at one time because it takes soooooooooooo long to write her term papers in crayon.

  4. I recently had a teacher lay this on me: "I know that there was a Vietnam war, but Vietnam is also a country? No way!"

    I worry for the future.

  5. I had a Social Studies teacher so dense, when he told us it was time for a test, we could convince him that he had told us it wasn't until next week.

    ...he never gave us the test.

  6. Baku: I work in a university. I have actually had a professor tell me that she wasn't going to do something my dean required her to do because she had tenure and "didn't need to care anymore." Seriously. So many of the profs bitch about the extra advising that they need to do for the students and how they aren't paid enough. One prof recently got in trouble for speaking lewdly and rudely to his freshman history class and arbitrarily writing terrible insults on their papers. His motivation: he wasn't tenure track, so he didn't care.

  7. I appreciate tenure... and still see the problem with it. Anyone have a solution?


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