Spin in Your Grave, Langston Hughes

E-mail Submitted by Elizabeth:

(Elizabeth says: "I'm black and the writer is white. I'm in Canada, and he's in Croatia.")

Subject: A poem for you!

chocolate queen
chocolate queen
i would be your toddy sween
which is to say a very pale man
we would live in a van
and eat in soup kitchens
on stolen wi-fi listen to hitchens
though i don't agree with him on everything
you would learn to play the bass and i would sing
i'm talking about street performing
maybe they'd feature us on NPR in the morning
i love your chocolate bod
makes me hot and bothered like if i was sweeney todd
there, that works


  1. Jared, Langston Hughes is one of my fave poets. That's all. <3

  2. Also, upon further reflection, it's probably not a good idea to TWICE mention in the same poem that you idealize yourself as being a psychotic, homicidal, musical barber.

  3. Man, there is nothing in there I wouldn't want for my life!

  4. This is pure brilliance

  5. I'll give him credit, for a Croatian he writes a lot better than most of the other email submissions that I assume come from Americans/Canadians/Native English speakers.

  6. I'm glad to see someone pointed out who Sweeney Todd is (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street....great show).

    It *is* decently written, though.


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