Spank You Very Much

Story Submitted by Bianca:

Barry and I had spoken for a week online when he asked me out for a walk and lunch on a Saturday.  He worked for a bank and seemed to have his life together.

That weekend, we met in a park, introduced each other, then started to walk down the sidewalk.  He smacked himself in the ass.

"What was that?" I asked him.

He said, "I've had a tiring day.  It keeps me awake.  You can just ignore it," and then he spanked himself again.  Okay, then.

A couple of times a minute, he'd open-palm smack himself, even as we were walking by other people.  I had heard of people washing their faces, going for jogs, and even shaking themselves, but spanking yourself in the ass to stay awake was a new one.

He went from doing it a couple of times a minute to several.  It was enough for me to say, "If you're that tired, should we just meet up some other time?"

He spanked himself and answered, "No.  Sorry.  I'll stop.  I'll probably be all right."

He did stop, for a little while, and as we continued walking, he did it only once or twice in ten minutes.  Then we reached a railing over a stream in a park and we leaned on it.  His headed nodded down as if sleep overtook him, and he said, "Oh God," and spanked himself mercilessly.

I waited for him to stop, and then asked, "Is that the only way you can stay awake?  Try just talking to me."

He said, "Talking could help for the sleepy part, but I need physical contact for the jock itch.  I've got it bad, and this helps to relieve it for a sec and keep me awake.  Double duty."  He spanked himself again.

These spankings were really interfering with the date, regardless of what the issue was, and I told him that it would probably be best if we held the date some other time.  It wasn't his fault that he was sleepy and had... other issues.

He said, "Hang on, I'll take care of it.  I just need to..."  He stood in the middle of the path and raised his arm up behind himself as far as it would go.  He was evidently preparing for a final, monster spank. 

He then dropped his arm and asked, "Would you mind doing it?  You'd have greater leverage."

"You want me to spank you?  Right here, right now?"

"God yes.  Please."  He pointed his rear at me.  I looked around at the lightly populated area.  There was no way that this was going to happen.

"I don't think so."

"I need it!  Please."

I said, "Let's just do lunch or I'm going to head out."

"Just one spank!"


I turned and left.  "Come back!" he yelled, "Come back!  Just one!  Come back!"

I didn't give in, and I escaped, barely, with some dignity.


  1. Am I the only one who thinks that this whole thing was a ruse to get a spanking from a girl? He must like kinky stuff.

  2. ^ agree

    This is probably the type of guy who likes to wear diapers and be called a naughty boy while receiving multiple spankings. Obviously didn't get enough attention from his mommy...

  3. "but I need physical contact for the jock itch"-HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm sure that he's a very strange man, and it's sad that he clearly hasn't met his soul-mate/top yet. But this is a darn funny story.

  4. ^My favorite part too! I'd have been outta there the second that came out of his mouth.

  5. Float: If he does, not a damn thing wrong with it. It's unlikely neglect from the mother would have caused a fetish like that.

    Nevertheless, I agree with the 'he was trying to get a spanking' assessment.


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