Sometimes, Being a Party Pooper's Okay

Story Submitted by Norm:

Tia was a classmate in my bio lab.  I thought that she was beautiful, but she was always surrounded by a cloud of friends, a lot of whom were guys.  It was enough to make me have serious second thoughts about asking her out, but ask her out I did, and imagine my surprise when she said yes.

My plan was to take her out for dinner and, if that went well and she was comfortable enough, to invite her back to my place to watch a movie.  I told her my idea, and she said that she was totally in favor of coming back to my place.

Dinner went all right, but she kept checking her phone and responded to every text she received.  She said, "Excuse me" each time, but I thought it was pretty rude, especially as, on average, she averaged a text every five minutes.

After dinner, we went back to my place, and I was so nervous.  I wanted to make a move, and took the fact that she had come over as a good sign.  We hadn't been watching the movie for five minutes when there was a knock at my apartment door.

At least 15 people were gathered outside, in the hall.  One of them, a guy, asked, "Is Tia here?"

Tia, from behind me, called, "Come on in, guys!"

"Wait," I said, holding my hand across the doorway.  "Who are you?  This is my apartment."

"We're with Tia," the guy said, moving my arm away, "If you don't mind."

I stepped in front of him and said, "I do mind.  We're on a date."

Tia came up to me and said, "But you don't mind if I have some friends over, do you?  The more the merrier!"

I said, "I do mind.  This is a date, isn't it?  This is my place and they're not coming in."

The guy stared at me and said, "Don't be a herb.  Let's party."

I said, "Absolutely not."

Tia grabbed her things and said, "I'm with you guys, let's party!" and she walked right by me, joined her friends out in the hallway, and I closed the door behind them.  I don't care that I didn't get any.  She clearly invited her friends over to my place without my permission, and I wasn't about to be manipulated by her or anyone.


  1. Standing up for yourself will definitely make you attractive to the sort of person it sounds like you really want to attract. Well done.

  2. I can't tell when the internet is being sarcastic or not anymore.

  3. Good for you OP, she was taking advantage and using your place as her own, you did the right thing.

  4. Yep, things could only have gotten worse from here.


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