Nail and Well Met

Story Submitted by Jason:

Tabitha and I were out to dinner on our first date when she asked to see my hands. She studied my nails and pointed to my right pinky.

"You've got dirt under your pinky," she said. I looked, and there was a small dot of something. It may even have been a crumb from off the table. Either way, it didn't matter to Tabitha. She asked, "Would you mind cleaning it out? It's all I'll be able to think about otherwise."

I laughed, as I thought she was joking. She wasn't, and I went to the bathroom to scrub my nail clean.

It took all of two minutes, and when I came back to the table, I saw that she was using my fork to clean under her own fingernails. She didn't see me, as I was behind her, and I watched until she was done. She then replaced my fork where I had left it.

I waited another minute, then returned to the table. She didn't say a word about using my fork, as if she then expected me to continue using it to eat my food.

I went as if to grab it, and "accidentally" knocked it onto the floor. "Oops," I said, "Guess it's too gross to use now, isn't it?"

She said nothing, and I asked our waitress for another fork. I didn't have much else to say to Tabitha after that, and a second date was certainly not in the cards.


  1. Good thing you caught her in the act - and classy the way you dealt with it.

  2. That's bizarre. How could someone so OCD about her date's fingernails make their fork dirty? I'm a little confused here.

    Kudos OP, well handled.

  3. OP was a nice guy by knocking it off the table, I'd have just asked the waitress for a new fork and wait to see if the date said anything.

  4. who paid for the dinner


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