Maybe Show Him a Picture of Jesus?

E-mail Submitted by Alicia:

I love your smile... and your eyes... and your laugh... what's that?  How do I know what your laugh sounds like?  I can tell.

I can hear photos the way that you can smell an apple pie.  I can tell how someone's voice will sound based on how they look, and I know that I'd love your laugh and to make you laugh.

My powers are only to be used for good.  I had a friend back in junior high who found out about my power and showed me the picture of the bottom half of someone's face and he said, "Make her talk like a frog."  I looked at the photo and I heard the sound of the person's voice and it was the voice of our principal!  I told my friend I will not do that to our principal and my friend wanted to know how I knew and it was because I can hear the voice through the photo.

It's a weighty load to bear but I promise to only use it for good.  I use it to hear people smile or laugh and I know that it's a good way to find a mate because I like people because it's their laugh.  It's a blessing!  Many pretty people don't have good laughter.  Why don't more people smile in their pictures?  We are blessed!



  1. Well that's easily the worst superpower that I've ever heard of in my life.

    I guess it's a good thing she only uses it for good...?

  2. ...he only uses it for good, unless Phil is a girls name where you come from?

    An interesting enough story, and I for one wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. I probably wouldn't want him around a pulling this "party trick" all the time, but stranger things have happened.

    I knew a girl who was a synesthete (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia), and would perceive sounds as colours. She was very musically talented and once wrote a song for my wife and I based on the colours she saw when she heard us speak.

  3. I first thought of synesthesia too, but he is talking more of a psychic power where he can hear people's voices and laughter through photos. There is no way he can know that without an actual psychic gift.

  4. I actually have synesthesia as well, except it's an association of colors with letters and numbers. But anyway, my point is, this guy does not have synesthesia. He may have another kind of neurological anomaly though.

  5. Some form of psychosis?

  6. Oh, I knew he wasn't a synesthete, I was just pointing out another interesting phenomenon some people are born with.


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