Make a Stink About the Ink

Story Submitted by Doris:

On my upper left arm, I have a small black and white tattoo of an abstract image that a friend of mine designed.  It's the only ink I have, but I'm proud of it and it means a lot to me.  I know that tattoos are turn-ons for some people and not for others, so I usually feature at least one photo of it among my online profile shots.

Enter Zack.  He messaged me, we chatted, and we seemed to have enough in common to meet in person.  We thought it would be best to go for a casual walk instead of locking ourselves into meeting over a meal.  I wore a blue tanktop and long skirt.

The first words out of his mouth after our nice-to-meet-you hug was, "What the fuck is that?"  He pointed to my tattoo.  This was a guy who hadn't swore in any of his messages to me, so to hear it out of him with such a judgmental tone made me freeze up.

I explained, "It's a design that my best friend invented.  You didn't see it in my online photos?"

He said, "I did, but I was really hoping that it was one of those Crackerjack temporary things.  Did you know that you can't get buried, now?  You have to be cremated.  Cemeteries won't let a tattooed person in."

I said, "That's false.  Some religions frown on it, but if you have a tattoo, you can still be buried if you want to."

He said, "Holy shit.  Talk about trashy."

I backed away from him and said, "Your attitude?  Hell yes.  Get lost."

I walked off.  He yelled after me, "Go hang out at a biker bar!  Whore!"

I have no idea what his problem was, but I'm glad that he brought out his anger issues to play so soon.  At least I had a nice walk out of it.


  1. Tattoos aren't for everyone, but Jesus, he should have asked about it after he'd seen it in her photos instead of turning into a raging psycho in person.

  2. i agree with theMediator. he could have been polite and cut off the date with an explanation that he doesn't like tattoos, or he could have been a decent, nonjudgmental individual and tried to get to know the OP to see if he liked her and could overlook the tattoo.

    my current boyfriend hates tattoos, but one of his exes had one, and he was able to overlook her one little tattoo and see all of the qualities he liked about her.

    people these days.

  3. This is an eye opener. I had no idea some cemeteries wont bury people with ink.

  4. Float: an exboyfriend of mine was Jewish and really wanted to get a tattoo that meant a lot to him. However, he couldn't handle being nagged to death by his mother that he'd never be buried in a Jewish cemetery with a tattoo.

    Scientist fiance isn't crazy about tattoos, but I came with a big one on my shoulder, have a smaller one on my arm, and have solid plans for two more. (All have significant meaning for me.) He's pretty much over it by now. Mainly b/c I've got a bootylicious behind and nice boobs. ;)

  5. When my husband and I first started dating, he made it clear he didn't like people with extra body piercings although I don't know for sure if he knew about my pierced navel. We've been together nearly 5 years and he not only doesn't care, but rarely notices it's still there! He got a tatoo that means a great deal to him and although it still catches me off guard sometimes, I've just accepted it as a part of him and I love him all the more for caring enough about something to want it with him all the time and to wear it where he can show people how he feels.


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