Can't I Just Come and Listen?

E-mail Submitted by Ron:

Heyo.  If you're punk, I got a band you have to hear.  I'm the lead singer of Dozerbeekzh and you're local so yu should come out to our shows.

Things is I see what you wear in your profile - shit.  You can't go into this as some closet punk with nothing.  We want you at our show in a bra and lacy panties.  Men are shit at our shows (we're an all girl group) and if yo uwant to come and hear us then you have to look like you want to hear us.  We want you there to throw eggs and tomatoes at.  We want you in a cage.  That's how you come to our shows no abercrombie bitchass bullshit, "dig"? 

You make me want to puke all over your face but I still want you at our show.  If you're a good bitchass we'll maybe hook up after my tongue is nine inches all muscle and strong.



  1. So when men lie about their penis length, do women now lie about their tongue length?

  2. I think even Wendy O Williams would have been put off by this.

  3. Did she NOT realize she was writing to a man??

  4. everyone's tongue is all muscle

  5. Maybe she just has a thing for dudes in lacy bras and panties, Lei.

  6. Sounds like a girl with a thing for dominating guys and sissification. Not sure this was the best way to go about it...

  7. Um.. ew? Wtf? I have never even thought to mention the length of my tongue.. never mind lie about it... how far back is she starting these measurements?


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