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E-mail Submitted by Nikki:

Iam Abraham...
can we be friends firstly ?
than after know eachothers well, do you want to have real and romantic relatıon with me till forever? Iam serious and honest, Iam not a jıgolo or shit man, never play wıth your feelıngs. I need to be couple, need emotıons and feelıngs...
if your answer is 'YES' ... lets begin

Nikki says: "I looked at his profile to confirm that he did live in some faraway country nowhere near me, and then got this:"

I saw that you looked my profile but dıdnt reply me..
you didnt lıke me? :((


  1. It's a good thing you didn't reply to him. When they refer to themselves in the third person its probably a sure sign they're crazy. Plus what kind of name is Iam anyway, and who writes letters to themselves and sends them to other people?

    1. ???? Is this comment for real? ?? There was no commenting in third person. I am is obviously not a name. This commentor is even more stupid than the posted message

  2. *really hopes that Ipdar is joking and is not that dense* :P

    Anyway yeah, these types of guys are always good for a laugh... Reminds me of Sabato, the Nigerian who wanted me to come to his country and help push his uncle around the village in his wheelchair while eating egusi and snacks... *reminisce* :)

  3. Good thing, cause nobody likes a shit man. I mean, if you throw a comma in there then it's totally the opposite, then everyone does.

    A Nigerian who didn't want you to cash a big check for him? I call liar on you Lei.

  4. Ipdar you do relize Iam is not a name but him saying I am (two words) w/o a space or rather he was probably trying to say I'm.. I can't believe you didn't get that...

  5. Alright! Alright! It was just me making a lame joke about how if you didn't correct the spelling and took it as it was the message sounded funny in a lame way. Tough crowd!

  6. ^ Hard to tell sometimes when it's written

  7. And yes, we ARE a tough crowd. Unless it's fat bitch jokes, and then there's a good amount of snickering at the original ones.

  8. What's with the dotless I? Is he Turkısh?


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