The Disadvantage of Multiple Options

Story Submitted by Warren:

Kayla arrived a bit late to our date, but it was okay. We sat down in the restaurant and she asked me how my brother was doing.

I replied, "I don't have a brother. My sisters are well, though."

She said, "You definitely have a brother."

I shook my head. "That's news to me."

She pulled a little pink journal out of her purse, flipped through a few pages, and said, "Oh, right. You're Warren. I confused you for Scott. He's my date after you, tonight."


"Scott has a brother. Can I tell you about him?"


"The guy's been sick for three years straight with everything you can think of. Then, last week, all of a sudden, he's fine as fine can be. Full remission on everything. The doctors can't explain it."

"Glad to hear it. I'm Warren."

"I know. Warren with two sisters."

I said, "And you're Kayla with the two dates tonight."

"Five," she said, then glanced at her cell phone and said, "Ooh.  A new message.  I might have six.  Hang on."

She listened to a voicemail on speakerphone.  A guy said, "Hey Kayla, it's Frank.  If you want to do tonight that's fine, it'll just have to be after midnight."

She looked up at me and said, "Frank's the one with the miracle brother."

"I thought you said it was Scott's brother."

"Shit.  Tell me about you again?"

We had a quick dinner, and we split the check.  Off she went on her next million dating adventures, and off I went to never speak with her again.


  1. Endearing behavior; nothing like feeling like they're doing you a big favor by auditioning you for the part of "drop in a bucket"

  2. And to think I put so much effort into juggling more than one date in a weekend without the guys knowing about it. Could've just been a bitch instead.

    1. Gotta give it to her for being honest about it. But she should have been more on the ball with who was who. The idea of dating is to get to know people. What's the point if you screw up who's who?

  3. Lulu's got it, you've got to put in the effort and be sly. Besides, more than two dates in a day is high on the slutbag meter unless you're speed dating.


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