You Can See My V. C. Andrews Collection?

E-mail Submitted by Connie:

I've been looking at your profile for months, and this morning I woke up and said "why haven't you written her yet you douche"

Markus is my name.  What if I told you that I woke up this morning just knowing that we're supposed to get married?

An internet psycho is what you're thinking, but what you're thinking is not right.  There is a page in one of your books on your shelf in your room, and on that page is likely a romance story, once that has stayed with you through the years since you were a little girl.

You dreamed of being held close, of being kissed, of never knowing anything but being cared for in the arms of that guy, the one in your book on the shelf in your room.  You've read it over and over.  You know the one I'm talking about don't you?

I am that guy.  If you let me hold you once, you'll know what I'm talking about.  I can't believe that I never wrote this to you before now and this might be the hugest thing I've ever done, but big rewards await the bold.

Also I should tell you that I can't really see the shelf of books in your room.  I don't spy on you.  I was just being romantic!

If you're convinced and I can start preparations.


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  1. "An internet psycho is what you're thinking, but what you're thinking is not right."

    "I don't spy on you. I was just being romantic!"

    That is all.


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