Women Are from Venus, Men Are from Left Field

E-mail Submitted by Karrie:

First thing you need to know is that I'm not like other guys you've met on here.  Im educated, respectful, and know the boundaries.  There are many boundaries that exist between men and women.

First are legal: don't push when she says no!  That is a biggie.

Second are moral: be good to each other, be kind to and help each other.

Third are physical: she has breasts and no penis.  He has a penis and comparatively small breasts.  Their outfits are different, her body is softer, and their underwear is different from each other.

Fourth is: nude, they look different, too.

The problem with most people online at least is that they don't understand the differences between these things.  Women are not simply men, and men are no women.  Psychologically, there are also major differences with how they solve problems, how they look at each other, and what they find attractive!

Lucky for you, I know these differences, and I know how to treat men and I know how to treat women.  They are beautiful differences, and we should share them!

Peace and love,

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  1. Rule #1

    In your first contact message, refrain from using the words breasts, nude, or penis, no matter the scenario or circumstance. This cannot be stressed enough.


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