Why Wouldn't I Write Back?

E-mail Submitted by Jess:

My last girlfriend broke up with me in a swimming pool.  We were at a party and all kinda drunk and she was in a bikini and she walked up to me with some other guy and said meet my new boyfriend and then later at the party I saw them making out in the grass.

I went over and stomped on them and they got really p'd off and the guy hit me a couple of times and I tore at his face and got in trouble and the party was over and then I was in bed somehow.

I might be drunk and writing this but I had no one else to talk about it to.  It's one a.m. and I just wanted to talk to someone and saw that you were online and thought that we could talk.  I tried messaging you but it is blocked for some reason.  aight peace.


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  1. I kind of feel sorry for the guy, I mean I wouldn't write back or anything but I'd feel a little sorry for him until I clicked 'delete'


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