Raining on Your Picnic

Story Submitted by Ben:

I invited Rachel out on a picnic for our date. We had it all planned for a Saturday, but I kept watch on the weather and it looked like a good certainty for rain.

When I told her this, she said that we could play it by ear and see what developed. If necessary, we could come up with another plan.

Saturday came and it rained. I called her up to discuss alternate plans, but she was adamantly in favor of going ahead with the picnic.

"It's not so bad out," she said, "And it's warm."

I said, "Are you kidding? It's pouring. We can do lunch out, then maybe hit up a museum. We'll have plenty of time for a picnic later in the season."

"Let's cancel, then. I had my heart set on a picnic."

I was puzzled by this, as I thought that the point of the day was for us to meet up, regardless of where. Did it matter that we would be spending time together at a lunch table, rather than on a picnic blanket?

I did my best to convince her that we could still have a date, but she wouldn't budge. So I had blocked out the whole day for nothing, I guess.

I told her that she could let me know if she changed her mind, and I was ready to hang up when she asked, "What about tomorrow? It's supposed to be nice out."

She meant Sunday, but I had plans with friends, and I told her so.

She said, "Now who's being stubborn? Tomorrow will be a nice day. Cancel with your friends."

"I don't think so."

"You can be an asshole," she said, "Or you can cancel with your friends. Decision time."

"Easy one.  Good luck out there."  I hung up.

She called me right back and I let it go to voicemail.  It was the most colorful expletive-laden message that I've ever received, and it went on for a full three minutes.

She called a few more times before she got the point.


  1. Point. I don't get the point. ABCotalmostDates?

  2. Finally, someone that doesn't give in to ridiculous first date (yes almost) demands. Cut that shit off before it starts.

  3. ^^ agreed. Besides, if she's content sitting outside on a blanket, in the rain, then she is probably slightly INSANE.


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