Prophet School Has Become a Bit Less Selective

E-mail Submitted by Laura:


I read your pforile and and it reminds me of something I must have read in another life because it was so familiar to me.  I'm James and I believe that we're all fated to find the one we're supposed to be with no matter what we do.

I always knew that I was suppoed to end up with a woman with long brown hair (like yours), 5'4" (like you), one whotakes care of children (you're a teacher and nanny), one with a brother and a sister (like you say you have) one who makes pottery (like you do - love the photo btw).

Clearly we have to at least try each other out.  A little about me that's not in my profile: I like building things like tall towers, I'm a band manager for two bands, I'm sexually experienced (in both front and back) and I am VERY responsive to your mood.  I have an ability to see how you're feeling and react the perfect way.  People have told me that I always make them feel better after a sad day.  You really should give me a try.

If you reject me then know that somehow, our fates may yet intertwine.  You are so many things I'm looking for, this can't be the end before the beginning.



  1. Experienced in both front AND back? I'm sold!

  2. Well, that's not very clear....it could mean he gives it from the front and also takes it in the back?

  3. For once, I actually agree with Howie.

  4. ^ only once?
    Ouchie! I might cry myself to sleep tonight.

  5. E-mails like this make wish I could poke out my mind's eye.....

  6. Don't worry Howie, you always crack me up. Anyways, a lot of people on the online dating sites seem to believe in "fate". So how did happy endings happen before the internet?

  7. Well, I don't so much disagree with most the things you say as hang my head in shame of the human race... you know, that sort of thing.


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