No Such Thing as Free Cookies

Story Submitted by Beverly:

I suggested to David that we go to my favorite tea place for our first date.  He was up for it, and so he picked me up at my apartment and drove us there.

We found a good table with armchairs by a window.  He offered to buy our teas.  I thanked him and asked him for a chamomile.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a tea snob.  David brought me my tea and I tried it, and it tasted like anything but chamomile.

"Are you sure this is chamomile?" I asked him.

"It should be," he said.  "I asked them for chamomile."

I stood up with the tea and went to the barista.  I asked him if it was chamomile and he said, "No," and pointed to David.  "He didn't ask for chamomile.  He said, 'Just regular tea will do.'"

I glanced at David and asked the barista if I could switch for chamomile.  He gladly traded it in.

When I made it back to our seats, I asked David why he had ordered something other than that for which I'd asked.

For his answer, David pointed to my cup and asked, "Was it any cheaper?  I'm entitled to a refund if it was cheaper."

I gave him a look and said, "I don't think so."

He stood up.  "Well, they got the order wrong.  Maybe I can get it for free."

He walked to the barista and I watched, embarrassed.  I heard him ask for a full refund, and he was refused.  He asked for a half refund, and was refused.  Then, he picked up a little pack of cookies next to the register and asked for them for free.  He was refused those, too.

He pounded a fist on the counter, then returned to me.

"Come on," he said, "We're leaving this stupid place."

My tea was still hot, and it was cold outside.  Not to mention, he was being an asshole.  I said, "I want to stay.  Can't we just relax and enjoy our tea?"

"No," he said, then grabbed his jacket and left me there.  I called a friend and he picked me up.

What amazed me was when David e-mailed me to ask for a "do-over" date.  I laughed myself silly, then deleted his message.


  1. You'd all be dead right now if it wasn't for my David!

  2. @Jonathan

    On topic:
    Cheapskate. A mug of tea is an extremely cheap date. Even if chamomile was somehow more expensive, why the hell wouldn't he order what she asked for?

  3. Maybe you could set him up with the girl who smashed herself in the face with a cup of tea from a few days back?

  4. I understand that Jonathan was quoting Independence Day. I'm not so keen on why.

  5. ^ For a second, I thought this submission was the same date from her end. THAT would have been quite a read!

  6. ^^Agreed! Are going on dates to tea places the new rage with the singles kids?

  7. ^That's what I was thinking. But yeah, fix him up with the tea-cup-head-bashing girl. And I love how he wanted a do-over date.

  8. I find that pretty doubtful. The last thing anyone in the retail/service sector wants is to get into an argument with a customer over whether or not they made a mistake by lying and saying they didn't.

    People understand that you might make a mistake, especially if it's busy. You just politely apologize and offer the rectify it at no charge.


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