I'm Fine Without the Picture

E-mail Submitted by Andrea:


It is entirely possible that you will meet a future mate on a site like this.  That already puts me at a straight advantage.

Think about it this way: less than 1% of all the males on this planet are likely on this website.  You likely don't know all of the males on this website, so now that you know I exist, the odds of things working out in my favor are higher than almost all other men on the planet at this very moment.

Where does that leave you?  You should take a look at my photos.  They're all real and nothing is photoshopped.  I really look just like that.  Before you ask, yes yes I work out a lot.

I can be funny-serious.  I can be strong-sympathetic.  I can break a toilet with the dumps I take.  Get the picture.

Time to learn more about me I think.



  1. This would've been salvageable until he mentioned the dumps he takes... gross.

  2. I am utterly fascinated by the psychology behind what might possess a person to believe this is information that would make a woman swoon.

  3. "I can be both funny and serious! I can be both strong and sympathetic! If that's not enough to turn you on, I take huge shits! Are you seduced yet? Are ya? Are ya?"

  4. Irregular bowel movements and/or poor choice in toilets is not a bragging point.

  5. He already cares about her...And he so eloquently states that he gives a crap.

    Huge commode busting, porcelain cracking ones that most women {in his twisted mind} cannot resist.

  6. I thought the shit comment was hilarious... but I obviously wasn't taking it seriously. The "yes I look like this I work out a lot" bit was not.


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