I Play My Part and You Play Your Game

Story Submitted by Kelsie:

I worked in a real estate management office with Samuel.  He was a few years older than I was, but I was closer in age to him than anyone else in the office.  That might be why we became close, and we'd talk frequently.  The office had about a dozen people working in it.

He'd come by my cubicle and flirt, and I'd pretend to be sexually harassed.  It was honestly all in good fun, and he really was a good friend to me.

At the time, I wasn't single.  My then-boyfriend, Jason, was jealous and possessive, only I didn't see it that way, back then.

Samuel knew that I was seeing somebody, and he never crossed the line at work.  However, when he asked me out for drinks one day, I said, "I probably shouldn't.  Jason would get mad."

Samuel said, "Jason doesn't want you to have friends?"

"Not if you're a guy."

"I should probably stop talking to you here at work, then.  Jason probably wouldn't like that, either."

Samuel became distant after that, and even when I'd go to visit him, he'd make some excuse to cut the conversation short, like he was too busy, or that he was expecting an important call, etc.

I felt bad, and I even told him that I didn't like how distant we were becoming.  He responded, "It's for the best.  I don't want Jason to get angry with you."

Eventually, I stopped trying.  Samuel, it seemed to me, was acting childish about the whole thing.

I came down with the flu a few months later, and was bedridden for over a week.  During that time, someone kept leaving fruit juices, boxes of tea, books, and magazines at my door.

After the first few days, I asked Jason if he was the one doing it, but he denied it.  He hadn't come to see me once while I was sick ("I don't want to get infected," he said).  My suspicion immediately fell onto Samuel.

When I finally felt strong enough to return to work, I asked him if it was him.  He denied it at first, then admitted it.  I told him that I thought it was very kindhearted, and he said, "I bet it paled in comparison to how Jason took care of you, though."

I laughed and said that Jason hadn't done a damn thing for me while I was ill.

Samuel didn't laugh, though.  He gave me a look and said, "You're the biggest fucking idiot in the world.  Don't talk to me anymore."

He walked away.  I followed him.  "Sam," I put my hand on his shoulder, "Sam, what's–?"

He shook off my hand and said, "I don't want to be your friend, anymore, idiot.  You're nothing but a waste of time."

He returned to his desk, and I didn't follow him.  I was confused, shaken, and very sad.

Less than a month later, Jason broke up with me to date someone else.  I asked Samuel if he wanted to meet up, but he said, "I don't date idiots.  Sorry."

I don't work in that office anymore, but I'll always feel guilty for the way that Samuel thinks I treated him.


  1. While he was being a little bitch about it, he was right. What was the draw to this Jason, anyhow? Anybody who is that possessive, affecting how you act in the day to day is just plain wrong. And it doesn't even sound like he had any redeeming qualities.

  2. Agreed. He was a whiner, but I hope that you learned something out of all of this.

  3. I think he was mad at you because he was the "nice" guy and you were dating the jerk. While I haven't had the balls to curse out women like that, I do have very low respect for any female who dates an idiot (and whines about it).

  4. While he was a jerk I can totally understand. You put a lot of time and effort even just to get to know somebody and you can't even have coffee with the guy? Rude.

  5. I didn't perceive the OP as whining from this story, and seeing as it seems like the other guy was in fact trying to make a move, maybe she did the right thing. Sounds like the other guy was the jerk here (and her then-boyfriend).

  6. You're better off without both of them. Jason was a possessive asshole, and Samuel was a first class Nice Guy whiner. Refusing to talk to you because your boyfriend might get mad was the first red flag. Don't feel guilty over Samuel. He doesn't deserve it.

  7. I've actually never said this before (OK OK - on THIS site) but I think this story is completely fake. Mostly because I find it hard to believe someone would post a story about how much of an idiot with no redeeming qualities they are. Normally when someone posts the "I'm an idiot" story they at least put something at the end to the effect that "yes I know - I'm an idiot". I find it hard to believe that someone is THIS big of an idiot and doesn't understand why Sam thinks she's an idiot. On the offchance that it's not fake then... obviously I guess... I'm with Sam.

    Also thanks Jared for getting Bon Jovi irretrievably stuck in my brain for the rest of the night.

  8. Good lord you're better off never getting involved with a guy like Samuel!

  9. Sometimes women (and men) in abusive relationships (like the one OP was in with Jason) find it hard, even in retrospect, to see the relationship for what it really is. Yes, she acted foolishly for staying with someone who was that obviously terrible to her, but being with Samuel would NOT have been any better. He's the Ducky type - the Nice Guy who hates sitting by watching his dream girl date the asshole instead of him, when he's OBVIOUSLY SO much better.

    Was he right for telling her off? Yes and no. There were MUCH better ways he could have gone about it without acting like a jerk himself, but at least he revealed himself as someone who would probably act just as awfully as Jason did.

  10. Ugh. I am sick of "nice guys" stuck on unavailable women when there are gems like me in the world. But of course I might just be the female version of Samuel.

  11. The first entry about sums up Samuel... Aaand most guys who complain that women are (insert derogatory term here): http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Nice+Guy+Syndrome


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