I Feel that My Dress Would Not Soak for You

E-mail Submitted by Amber:

I've been away for seven years and wrote you every day >>cue rain<< I would chase you down a dock and into the water >>cue thunder<< I would embrace you and tell you tat I'm yours forever >>cue your dress getting soaked<< then cup your willing face in my hands and plunge myself deep into your mouth...

I apologize if I offended.  I saw your picture and could not help but swoon.  You are someone I would take forever.

How about me?  How do you feel?



  1. HAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!.. then *vomits* too.

  2. Whatever, pussies - I feel fine and I just re....*blaarrrrrgghhhh* *projectile vomits over and over again*

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I originally read that as ">>cue MY dress getting wet<<" and was confused to see that a male had written it.

    I don't really think it's vomit worthy. Just sad.

  5. I think it was the "plunge myself deep into your mouth..." part that was vomit inducing. At least from my personal experience with it.

  6. Somebody's watched The Notebook one too many times...

  7. Yes Babyforrest, yes.

    Saying "plunge myself deep into your mouth" and actually doing it are both pretty gross and a turn off. Let me just remind everyone, soft and slow wins the race. Slobbery down the throat kisses should be reserved for twelve year olds, and Bret Michaels.


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