Dating Site or Clothing Store?

E-mail Submitted by Eric:

Thanks for sending me a message!  I make clothes for men and women.  If you are interested in clothes you should write back and I'll send you my site. 

I saw what you were wearing in your pictures and if you were wearing my clothes then I think you'd get so many more responses to the messages that you send out.  Did you know that we form opinions about other people within three seconds of seeing them?  They don't even have to say anything!  It's all based on what they're wearing.  You should try out some of my clothes.

If you mention this e-mail then you get 5% off in my online store!  Buy two things, save 10%!  Three things, 15%!  And it goes on from there.  You have to check it out and send your friends there too!

I like in your profile how you said that you like biking and movies.  Biking and movies are awesome!

Don't forget to write back so I can send you my site!  Also, all of my profile pictures are of me in things I've made.



  1. Buy 20 things. 100% off.

  2. First thing I thought of JMG.

    what about if you buy 30 things? 150% off? Sweet deal.


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