You Wouldn't Last Five Seconds Against Miyagi-San

E-mail Submitted by Sheila:


  1. I used to be just like this guy; always quoting tv shows, never an original thought or comment to make.


    All I've got to say is that he'd better grow out of it because most people don't need you to repeat everything that saw on tv last night just because you've managed to memorize it.

  2. He's like an unlovable version of Abed from "Community."

    The last non-sequitor line is especially creepy.

  3. I quote the Simpsons. Endlessly. I never thought to make myself feel better about it by thinking I'm "too fun" for people.
    *eats dinner for one*

  4. The un-self-consiousness of some people just plain floors me sometimes... On a dating site of all places, just where you'd think people would be trying to control, mold and shape the impression they give off to others or the opposite sex, and try to maximize their positives for their own benefit... some people can't wait to barf out the insanity that all of us carry inside to some degree. Some way more than others of course.


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