Maybe an Anus Killed Her Dreams

E-mail Submitted by Cal:

Why is there a picture of you and another woman on your profile?  Do you seriously think that makes you look hot?  You look like a fuckin anus all hangy.  How much you pay that slut to grin next to you?  Keep it off and be wiser.


Cal says: "The 'woman' in the photo is my sister.  The photo was even captioned, 'My sister and I.'  I posted it because I thought that it was a good picture of me.  'Hangy anus' isn't what I was going for at all."


  1. ...but 'dangily cock' was what I was going for.

  2. The second person who felt the need to comment about a person's picture choice and how they're a douche for posting something they don't like.

    Cal, just curious: IS your sister a slut though? ;D

  3. I've read this about ten times since it was posted, and I've laughed at the phrase "all hangy" every time.


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