Living in the Past

E-mail Submitted by Stephanie:

A Fantasy I always had

i feel like i was born in the wrong place and wrong time. i've always wanted to live in the times of the pharaohs so that i could own a jewish slave girl. now i'm in a conundrum. what am i to do? i don't suppose i could buy you ? how much would i have to pay for your will and your life ? how do i go about this endeavor?

should i be surreptitious; furtive; concealing my motives to an unsuspecting jew girl until i trap her, or should i be upfront from the beginning?

i know that owning slave girls is morally wrong as it may lead to all sorts of abuse, but i would be very careful - i sincerely believe that i will be better to you than you will be to yourself. but i will need your unconditional surrender. i will not need your help or advice unless i ask for it. you will trust me more than you trust yourself. you will always place my welfare and wants above your own.

i dare say that you don't even realize that this is the best offer you'll ever get. if you say  'yes' now, i will be the best thing you'll have ever done for yourself.



  1. WOW is right I don't even know what else to say. OP I hope you reported his ass (if it came from an online dating site). He makes Mel Gibson seem sane.

  2. Okay, now I know a few people that are are master and slave and they like it fine. But these are people who work on building a relationship like that for a long time and they both want it. There is a whole subculture of this sort of thing.

    That said, Kevin should be castrated and watched very closely by the local PD. Or get a Real Doll. Or both.

  3. I really, really, REALLY hope this is just real-life trolling. REALLY.

  4. Error:
    Thank you for pointing out the 'building a realtionship' part of M/s. It doesn't just effing happen, this dude is messed up.


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