Ho Ho Oh No

Story Submitted by Alberta:

Glen and I had been dating for over half a year when Christmas rolled around.  We were at his parents' house for the holiday and were staying in a guest bedroom.

I woke up early Christmas morning to discover that Glen wasn't in bed with me anymore.  I guessed that he was in the bathroom, but he was gone for a long time, so I looked for him around the house.

When I made it to the Christmas tree, there was a huge, wrapped package, about Glen's height.  It was early yet and no one else was around, but I guessed that Glen had instructed a willing family member to wrap him into a box, meaning to be a surprise for me.

I tip-toed up to the package, and, intending to give Glen a surprise of my own, hit the side of the box.

It tilted and smashed onto the floor.

"Ow..." Glen's voice came from inside.

Panic set in and I ripped the box open.  Glen was indeed inside, and his arm was in bad shape.  He had fallen on top of it, and it was broken.

Christmas morning and early afternoon were spent in the emergency room of a local hospital.  Glen, being Glen, laughed about the whole thing despite my 500 apologies.  On the plus side, we were given more Christmas cookies than any human should possibly be able to eat in a lifetime, and he was sent home that day.

He has never let me forget it, and he likely never will, seeing as how we've been engaged since not too long afterward.


  1. I pity poor Glen, anyone who dates a girl who hits a package with enough force to knock down a full grown man as a 'surprise'

  2. I'm thinking that "Alberta" is a feminized version of this OP's real name. ;)

    At least Glen was a good sport!


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