Desperation. Population: One.

E-mail Submitted by Scott:

It took you long enough to find your way into my life! (jk)

I'm not really that desperate, but I can't control what I'm feeling inside.  Probably because I haven't had sex in almost four years.

Just to be clear: I am NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT looking for casual hookup.  I find that a good man is hard to find and a good man is more than one who just wants to "give me" sex.  He needs to be decent, caring, and a leader.  It takes time and most guys don't like or understand that.

Go on and read my profile and tell me if you like.  I have time.  Just not another four years (jk).



  1. If you aren't looking for someone to satisfy you then why mention the 4 years at all (jk).

    (Not really).


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