Why DO You Say This?

E-mail Submitted by Glory-Ann:

Knock knock.

Who's there you ask?


I'm Phil, and being a biology major has several advantages:

1. You learn a lot of science.
2. You develop an analytical mind.
3. You become a JET MONSTER in the sack.

Why do I say this?

Because every girl has told me so.  Throughout history, girls have had sex with English majors (shudder), business majors (snore) and women's studies majors (which is cool, because most women's studies majors are, surprise! woman.)

I'm nt sending this to proposition you.  Girls like cold hard facts, and here I am, presenting them to you.  What happens next?  You decide.


  1. Well don't leave us in suspense, Glory-Ann. What happened next?

  2. What's a "jet monster" supposed to be?

  3. @Anne:

    Likely some bio major lingo that we can't hope to comprehend.

  4. Nikki's scientist boyfriend would agree that scientists are the best lovers. I will leave it up to Nikki to agree or disagree herself. :)

  5. Girls don't like "cold, hard facts"; they like hard.... never mind.

  6. Ahahaha, Agnes, I sincerely hope that Scientist Boyfriend chooses to read the comments of this entry. (He doesn't always because he knows I'm a vicious and terrible troll who indiscriminately uses the word "cunt.")

    As for the boning, I don't know what a "JET MONSTER" is, but yeah, the scientist knows his anatomy.

  7. Jet Monster is a Japanese manga drawing, doujinshi slinging... well, comic book writer.

    But I'm pretty sure this douche is just fast and sloppy.


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