Just Who Is This "Majority"?

E-mail Submitted by Brenna:

Cutting to the chase, how would you like to meet, get to know each other a little bit, see/feel that neither of us feels turned-off by the other, then let me do what I do best, give you a mind-blowing massage, the kind that is *NOT* covered by an LMT License and have some great adult fun activity? If you like, we can do it again and again for months or years as the case may be, or if you don't, well, it was fun while it lasted...

No "clingy" attitude here. This is not a "casual" offer, but it's not a "serious" relationship or LTR either. Yes, I know, we are not a "perfect match" and there are some things about me that don't match you and things about you that don't match me... but really, isn't it the differences that attract?

I have been told recently that I'm "too forward" or "too direct" with messages like this. While I understand the few who have said that, I still must go with the majority of those who say that my approach is just right, as I'm not wasting anybody's time.

By those who have responded to my very direct approach, and eventually had me come over, I have been asked to put a "disclaimer" in my message, so here it is: while you may end up yelling "OMG! OMG! OMG!" at a rather climatic moment, this does NOT necessarily count as a "religious experience." >grin<

I am a Renaissance Man and sapiosexual who truly loves life. Those that take the time to get to know me, tell me I give off wonderful "vibes" "¦ but I'm still not sure what that means"¦ well, maybe I am. >grin<

The Kilted Massage Man


  1. Even being a man, I feel like I need a shower after reading that slime...ick.

  2. He lost me at the massage and adult fun activity :-/

  3. Agreed, Lizzie. A guy in a kilt giving mind-blowing, happy-ending massages seems like someone I'd give a chance to. No O's on the first date, though. I want some time to get to know him before I'd like him commit abcotr's on me.

    Oh, and for those who are interested: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sapiosexual

  4. At least he's well spoken and honest about his intentions.

  5. Thank God for cut and paste...Now I too can send this to women and enjoy the success this gent has had !

    Seriously tho - This must work on some women, sadly.

  6. Gross indeed.

    Thanks for the link Nikki, but that just confused me. If he wants someone for their intelligence, why is his entire message fishing for pun tang? He sounds more cro-mag to me.

  7. Hey, Error, I agree. Hell, I can't even figure out why they'd need an entire word for "a normal person who doesn't just want to fuck pretty girls/guys but actually wants to carry on a real conversation with them."

    Then again, "sapiosexual" IS much shorter.


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