Snoring Above it All

Story Submitted by Megan:

On my second date with Will, he showed up with a bag of clothes.

He asked, "Is it okay if I spend the night at your place?  I have family staying over at my house and I gave my room to my cousin."

Our first date had gone well, and I guessed that this might have been a cute way of trying to hook up with me. I said he could stay over, in my bed.

After dinner, we went home, hung out for a little bit, and then he passed out in my bed. I was next to him, on my way to sleep, myself, when all at once, the sound of his snoring stabbed into my ears.

I poked him, tapped him, shook him.  Nothing would wake him up.  There was no way I could sleep next to such a jet engine, so I ended up on the couch with the TV on and pillows over my head.  No joke, I thought that my neighbors would be banging on the walls, given how loud he was.

In the morning, he told me, "Sorry about that.  I have a deviated septum."

I wonder if his family asked him to find a place to stay, knowing that he'd wake the house up with that racket. That relationship didn't progress much after that.


  1. I really hate to agree with nomatophobia. Seriously, I can't stand the chick. She's right though.

  2. You thought it was his cute attempt at hooking up? Hunny it was the second time you've gone out with him so this would be a booty call. Nothing cute about it, Sheesh get some self respect you hoe. No guy will ever take you seriously and wife you.

    It wasen't the snoring it was probably you angry trying to wake him up so he can fuck you.. but he probably didnt want to stick his peepee in your smelly snatch so he pulled the fake snorer just to get you out of the room, and it worked!

    1. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, since this is ABCotD, and I'll assume you're trolling, not *actually* slut-shaming.


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