Precisely How Freaky Is This Family?

Story Submitted by Paco:

Last Thanksgiving, I brought a date to my family's event: Roberta.  Just before dinner was to be served, she disappeared.  My family asked me where she was, and I looked all over the house for her.  I tried her phone.  No response.  I went outside and looked around the house, and called up and down the neighborhood for her.  She was gone.

I returned to the house, where dinner was served, and where everyone in attendance asked me where Roberta was.  I didn't have an answer for them, and I tried her several more times through dinner, dessert, and after.

I was becoming pretty nervous and checked all over the house again, outside, up and down the neighborhood, and everywhere else I could think of. 

After I called her phone for what was probably the hundredth time, she texted, "Stop calling.  Thanksgiving somewhere else."

Sorry to have bothered you, bitch.  Stupid me, thinking that you coming to my family's dinner meant that you'd be having dinner with my family.

I had been out with her three times prior, but I never saw her again after this stunt.  She told me, a few days later, over the phone, that she had a "minor freak-out" when she met my family and that she called her ex-boyfriend to pick her up.

This year, I'm thankful to not be having Thanksgiving with her.


  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Hope you still enjoyed Thanksgiving day without her!

  2. I'm surprised she didn't at least stick around to get a free meal before bailing.

  3. I'm sorry, and this isn't your fault that it happened, but I must ask, why did you bring someone to a family event that you had only gone on three dates with. Family events are at least for boyfriend-girlfriend. (or boyfriend-boyfriend or girlfriend-girlfriend). Just a thought.

  4. Way too soon for a family meal.


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