Raging at the Fates

E-mail Submitted by Donnie:

We dated a year ago and you were really nice to me and I had a nice time with you and you bailed.  I never heard from you agian.  For the longest time I missed you and wonderd if you just forgot my email address and so I sent you a few emails to see if you'd respond and you didn't.

I'm wondering why you didn't.  We had a great time and you were really nice to me and I don't get what went wrong.  I felt a real connection between us and I know that you shouldn't just ignore conenctions.  This is why I wrote to the head of this site and asked them to block your account.  I just don't think that people should be allowed to treat other people that way.

So if your account closes down then it's because of me.  Sorry but maybe you'll treat someone like me right in the future... sorry again.

Donnie adds: I swear that I never met this girl in my life.  I have no idea who she is.  This message was sent six months ago and my account is still operational on the site.


  1. Write her back and tell her that you're desperate to have your account reinstated and that you've learned your lesson.

  2. haha JMG, thats a good idea!

  3. Wow. So this is the other side of the story. We always get tales of OPs who never contact a psycho date again, and now we have a psycho date who's following up as to why she never got a second date (or first, if you believe what Donnie says).


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