Next Time, Leave the Launch Plans at Home

Story Submitted by Elliot:

I met Cindy online, we corresponded, and we opted to meet in a local park.

I arrived early, so I sat on a bench, opened my laptop, and caught up on some work.

While waiting, I opened up my browser and checked the dating profile site for any new messages.  None, as usual.

A minute or so later, Cindy appeared.  We hugged hello, I put my laptop into my work bag, and we strolled through the park.

We caught each other up on our days, and not long into the walk, she asked, "So, I'm a little surprised to find you back on the prowl.  We haven't even had our first date, yet.  Should I be insulted?"

I had no clue as to what she referred, and I asked her to clarify.

She laughed and said, "You were surfing Match on the bench.  You thought I wouldn't see?"

Before I had seen her, she must have approached me from behind and looked over my shoulder at the screen.  That was... creepy.

I told her that I was merely checking for messages, and joked, "It's a little weird that you sneaked around behind me.  Did you see my secret nuclear launch plans?"

She immediately retorted, "It's a little weird that you were looking for sex right before this date."

"I wasn't," I protested.

She laughed it off and said, "Let's just do this."

It cast a cloud over the entire evening, and despite my bringing it up once or twice more to rationalize it, she just waved away my explanations.  All I had to do was imagine being married to her, and it made me never want to see her again.


  1. i think this is the op's fault. why bring work to a date in the first place? you're supposed to focus on the person. leave the laptop at home.

    also, the girl tried to drop the subject at the park, but op said he brought it up "once or twice more to rationalize it". that made it worse. he should have dropped the subject all together like the girl had.

    so yeah, op can't complain on this one. it sounds like he blew it with a perfectly good girl.

  2. Maybe he came right from work and had no place to leave his computer. I think that there's a difference between "dropping the subject" and "dropping the subject while maintaining a false assumption." I can't blame the guy for trying to set it straight, although she had likely already given up on him by that point.

  3. I'm with Jared. It would make sense that he was coming from work and didn't get a chance to go home, and anyway, she wasn't there yet. He put the laptop away when she did get there, and I'm sure he didn't whip out his laptop while they were out.

    Of course he would keep worrying about it. He didn't want his date to look at him in a bad light, but she had already decided that he was looking for sex and refused to accept his explanation. She was nosy, rude, and clearly the type of person who likes to make assumptions, just like vegaschick.

  4. Not to mention the fact that this was a 1st date, not a relationship. Why shouldn't he still be looking at other options? It's not like there was an exclusive commitment or anything... Sounds like he dodged a jealousy bullet to me...

  5. I'm with Cheri. Too many women think the 1st date is the start of an exclusive relationship.

  6. You can search for other women on your own time after a date or whenever you decide you are exclusive. But don't do it in front of the woman you are currently on a date with. That's disrespectful and stupid. Of course she wouldn't want to see you after that. You look like a womanizer.

  7. Yeah OP was pretty stupid.

  8. He shoulda been working on writing his screenplay...

  9. babyforrest- I know this is an old thread but he wasn't looking at his computer in front of the woman he was on a date with.

    "We hugged hello, I put my laptop into my work bag, and we strolled through the park."


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