Men and Wymyn

E-mail Submitted by Maria:

Good day.

I am a gentleman in search of a lady.  Most of your gender is soulless, greedy, selfish, and has no idea how to treat a man, all under the guise of "being a lady."  That stops with me.

I have zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing, nadie, NO tolerance for women who are any of the following: contemptible, mean, nasty, obnoxious, unkind, or just plain "evil."

The very fact that I'm messaging you means that I have a belief, tempered by long years of experience, that you can rise above the pitiful examples of your fellow women (or "wymyn" if you're one of those pagans) and be a choice lifemate. 

Please keep in mind that this offer has a limit - both regarding my patience as well as within the time-based constructs of this, our world.  I will wait precisely 30 hours (generous indeed!) from your receipt of this message for your response.  If no response is given, then you have lost your chance.  I'm sorry that I cannot accept "I didn't have a chance to check my email!" as an excuse.  You know what to do.



  1. What are you doing posting this here?? Go answer the guy, for God's sake!!

  2. Perhaps someone should apply his standards to himself...

  3. The guy must have aspergers eh Baku? ;)

  4. Aside from the fact that I completely agree, has anyone else noticed Baku-chan becoming more and more cynical and aggressive over the months?

  5. We definitely ruined Baku. She used to be all sweet and forgiving of stupid dates. Now she's a bitter hater like the rest of us.


    <3 to Baku-chan

  6. "I will wait precisely 30 hours (generous indeed!) from your receipt of this message for your response."

    And we're the soulless, greedy, selfish ones. The mind boggles.

    PS: "Nadie" means "nobody" in Spanish, dumbass.


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