Male Role Models: The Case in Favor

E-mail Submitted by Claire:

Not possibly the best way to start an e-mail, but hear me out new friend: I can cook, clean, wash, dishes, and make you feel like a special woman.  All women want to be held held in a way that makes them feel special and I have studied for many years how to do this.

I was raised by women went to a school of all women and I work with only women the results are that I know how to speak to women and make them feel special.  I hold them special and can feel special.

Dont think that I'm lying I have three sisters.  My mother taught in an all women school ad I was the only lad in a all women school.  Its understandable to ask how can this man know about women so well but I know they must be held.

After reading the profiles of many women you are the woman I want the most.  Nice to meet you and have a nice holiday.



  1. Does he give lessons?

    Also, "I was the only lad in a all women school" made me crack up. Thanks.

  2. This one and the majority of all these "sketchy emails" document and exemplify very well why these people are on a dating site in the first place...

  3. My favourite part was "Don't think that I'm lying I have three sisters."

    @churro -- I think there are also plenty of fairly normal people whose circumstances led them to be on dating sites.

    Also, there are crazies.

  4. The second "held" sounded like an outburst from some repressed uber nerd - "Yes yes, likes to be held! Likes to be held!"

    I'm pretty sure he was not paying much attention to his education at that all girls school.


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