I'd Have Left it as a Surprise

Story Submitted by Jessica:

I was 21 when I met Thomas at a bar when his group of friends ended up sitting at the same long table as my group of friends.  He seemed cool, so I gave him my number.  We talked and hung out a a bit after that.

One day not long after, I got a call from a strange number on my cell.  I answered and it was a woman.  It was Thomas's ex-girlfriend.  She explained that she still paid his cell phone bill, and that he had gone over his minutes with his calls to me.

We ended up talking for a while.  I suggested that she stop paying his cell phone bill, and she assured me that she'd cut it off that night.  By the end of the conversation, she wanted to have lunch with me.

She then said, "Could you do me a favor?  Tell him that I didn't have the abortion."  I hung up. Phew.

All in all, this was too much drama, and I decided to end things with Thomas as a result.  I called him and told him how his crazy ex-girlfriend just called me, and I didn't want anything to do with any of it.

He tried to convince me that she was lying, blah, blah, blah, but I didn't care either way.  There was no way I wanted anything to do with either of them.   He hung up on me.

I texted him, "She wanted me to tell you she didn't have the abortion."

He texted back, "She's crazy."

It was great never hearing from either of them again.


  1. Why would you give this psycho any attention? She got exactly what she wanted, foo!

  2. I'm with Jared; I wouldn't have told him about the baby. Let him find out in the paternity suit.

  3. Nikki knows from experience.

  4. This is the good stuff! OP is a dumbass for talking on the phone with this woman in the first place, but if this shit was true? DAMN! I personally think that his ex paying and monitoring his cell phone bill is WAY worse than his not knowing he had a kid. The ex sounds like a buzzkill either way.

    I'm hanging up on all three of you.

  5. Jared: I am proud to say that my uterus will never, EVER bear fruit, as they said in the Bible. As a proud member of this community, I feel that it is my duty not to reproduce and create another peasant-slave in the ABCOTD Mansion.

  6. OP would rather believe a 'crazy' ex-girlfriend who she doesn't know than the guy who she had spent all that time talking to. Pretty dumb.

  7. Oh Error, this is definitely a true story. I never doubt the special brand of crazy that is an ex-girlfriend anymore.

    One particular gentleman I dated had a friggin army of insane ex's. They took to emailing me on a regular basis, talking about sex with him - and most of them did claim to be pregnant with his child. Mysteriously, there must have been something in the water, as none of them have come to term as of yet.
    They eventually got too nutty for me and I broke up with him. Then they got my phone number and the real fun started. They would pretend to be him, texting from another number.

    He was 30, I was 27. I don't know the ages of these girls. I prefer not knowing.

  8. wowsers. OP, i must say, that although this situation does have all the markings of drama, i feel you let the guy go entirely too easy. you obviously weren't into him to just let it go after one phone call from a crazy ex, who, as previously stated, accomplished her mission. on the counter, though, being that she was still paying his cell phone bill (if that was the case), then he was more than likely yet sleeping with her...however, after meeting you, he very well may have cut that off, determining that there was something worth pursuing with you, and she, in turn, became jealous. i've been on both ends of the stick, the jealous pathetic ex determined to destroy the new relationship (to no avail..lol), and the new girl with the insane exes determined to destroy what we had. it's always a toss-up. i guess i just your point about not even wanting to get involved to find out then, huh?! nice. 1 for you. good call. oh, and the whole "abortion" thing?! i guarantee it was a ploy (been there, done that, too)....

  9. @nomatophobia - Jesus on fire! You were stalked by multiple ex's of the same guy? That is some freaky ass shit. I'd be more inclined to say there was "something" in his sperm! Please tell me the police were involved.

    That just reminded me of a guy I dated for a little while who was a complete, but truly gorgeous, slut. Ooh, ooh! I think I have a story for Jared!

  10. OP seems to be a bit of a dumb bitch really, who is willing to take the word of someone ex (!) over someone she is seeing.
    It is most likely the ex was lying about the abortion, etc - thats pretty much a standard line for crazy ex's.
    Thomas was lucky OP showed her lack of backbone before he wasted any more time on her...


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