Highway of Broken Dreams

Story Submitted by Ron:

Ah, there was Amanda.  I was enchanted from the first day we met, in my hometown in Wisconsin.

She was beautiful and easy to talk to.  Whatever I said, she listened to with sincere interest.  It was wonderful, perfect.  Except, she had a boyfriend - Mark.  Amanda and Mark were an item, and he seemed like a nice enough guy, so I didn't try to get in the way.  And besides, she and her family were moving to Utah shortly, so it would all be moot anyway.

But I was smitten, and desperate times call for desperate measures.  Coincidentally, my sister was moving to Utah too, just a few weeks after Amanda left.  I devised a plan where I'd drive my sister to Utah to help her move, spend a few days there, and during that time, find Amanda and tell her how I felt. 

As soon as I ditched my sister at her new place in Utah, I went and found Amanda.  We hung out all afternoon, went to a little amusement park that evening, did dinner, and had a great time.  I brought her back home, and we talked for a while.  At some point during our talk, she swore off Mark and said that she'd be my girlfriend.  She even agreed to drive back with me to Wisconsin.  Everything was falling into place.

We talked all night and decided to hike up the side of the mountain and watch the sun rise.  As we lay there, hot air balloons lifted off in the valley, and we watched them fly around and land.  It was all just perfect.

Until we got back and got the message that Mark was getting on a plane the next day to visit.  Still, Amanda and I spent the whole day enjoying each others company.  But I could tell some anxiety was setting in, and as we parted ways that night, she told me that she hoped things would work out between her and Mark.  I was crushed.  The next day I had promised to head up to Bear Lake with my sister and friends for the weekend, and Mark would be spending all that time with Amanda.

The Bear Lake trip was agonizing.  When I got back, would Mark and Amanda have worked out their differences?  Would she still like me?  How would it all turn out?  I didn't know, but I did know Mark was with Amanda all that weekend, and I was not, and I was miserable. 

When the trip ended, I rushed over to Amanda's place and, there, walking down the street, was Mark and Amanda, hand in hand.

I had lost, but I wasn't done losing.  The next day, I had planned to head back to Wisconsin, possibly bringing Amanda back with me, to stay for a little while.  But Mark had flown down on a one way ticket.  He needed to be back in Wisconsin, and he needed a ride.  As long as I was already headed back...  "Yes," I said to them, "He can come."

That night, as I was getting ready to spend a nice, quiet evening on my sister's sofa, just me and my depressing thoughts, Mark knocked on the door.

He said, "There's no room at Amanda's.  Can I spend the night here?"

I pulled out a cot, the only place for it in the small apartment was right next to the couch, where I was sleeping.  Right there, my arch nemesis, sleeping by my side like we were the best of friends.

The drive back was 22 hours long, straight through.  I drove for much of it, and there, in the back seat, were Mark and Amanda, all nice and cozy.  I couldn't imagine a worse torture for my broken heart.  My brilliant plan had worked, there she was, riding back with me to Wisconsin, and right back into the arms of the man she loved.  Who wasn't me.


  1. Wow, what a tearjerker, a true heartbreaker to be sure! I cried buckets. I just called my mother up and told her I loved her, and that I took back every bad word I ever said about her. She asked me if I was ok and had not lost my marbles, but I assured her that I was just swell. I am now going to sponsor a child and volunteer at the old folks homes. I want to join Greenpeace and protect the environment. I wanna cure cancer dammit!

    This letter has been so inspiring.

  2. this isn't bad case of the dates. this is bad case of an emo high school kid.

  3. This sounds like the plot to Twilight...

  4. You decided not to get in the way but then decide to drive 22 hours to Utah to tell her how you felt? and why did you even consider driving back to Wisconsin WITH her when she'd clearly made up with Mark? I think OP sounds like a desperate aspergers sufferer.
    Mark was just as stupid getting a one way ticket in the first place though.

  5. So, you tried to steal another guy's girl and failed. My heart bleeds for you. Ass.

    @ Hapa - All we need is for OP to immediately fall for Amanda's future daughter and everything will be fine and dandy!

  6. @ Ashley - Please enlighten me as to how you deducted OP has Asperger's from the story when he displays none of the characteristics.

  7. Sorry Baku, I didn't mean to offend (if I did) I meant he displayed some kind of mental problem not understanding social rules and things like that, I've known a few horrible people like that. Maybe OP is just momentously selfish and doesn't consider other have people feelings or desires.

  8. The theory was, once she moved to Utah, she wouldn't be dating Mark anymore and technically be available. The problem of bringing her back to Wisconsin, right where Mark lived as well, was an aspect I hadn't properly considered. But it was a long shot that things would even make it that far.

    Completely unexpected was Mark flying into town and ruining a perfectly good plan. But if I was momentously selfish and inconsiderate of other people's feelings, would I have still let them travel across the country with me? It seems more selfish to take offense at losing and leave them behind.

  9. Baku, do you remember when Asperger's was a meme in the message board? I thought that Ashley was referencing that.

    I'm on the "emo high school kid" train of thought on this one. That's what you deserve for trying to get all John Hughes, Ron. She was probably just having problems with Mark and was feeling lonely. Sadly, a lot of girls (esp. high school girls) do that all the time.

    Mend your broken heart and learn how to find a girl who doesn't have a boyfriend.

  10. ^ I did consider that, but the "tone" of her comment seemed serious.

    @ Ashley: The problem is that I actually have Asperger's, and it drives me crazy when people assume that anyone who doesn't know how to behave like a civilized human being must have Asperger's. Some people are just dicks. :)

  11. I thought Aspergers was a medical term for 'forcing yourself to take a shit'. Aspergers. Huh...guess I don't have it afterall!
    Boy, is my face red ~ and my hemorrhoids enlarged!

  12. Unrelated to asperger's, I'm really terrified that Baku-chan seems to actually know the plot to Twilight.

  13. ^ So many hours of my life wasted reading that trash . . . I just hate not finishing a book series. At least I can honestly say, without a doubt, that I absolutely loathe it.

    Seriously, every time I hear someone say SMeyers is the next J.K. Rowling, I wanna puke.

  14. dog, Thor disapproves of your life choices.

  15. That sounds like a disappointment, for sure... but wtf are you doing driving them back to Wisconsin?!?! You should have said: "HELL. NO." You gotta stand up for yourself if you want to find a woman worth anything.

  16. Baku-chan: Clearly I've missed my calling in life. What I need to do is write pathetic love stories for teenaged girls! I'm sure I can write better tripe than the Twilight author, and I've got the personal experience to know what to write. I knew it would pay off in the end someday.

  17. Wait a minute, Twilight had a plot? I thought it was just those two idiots laying in the grass staring at each other for an hour. Now that was painful.

  18. ^ <3

    "Once upon a time, a whiny, clingy, unintelligent, and unattractive girl named Bella met an emo, possessive, controlling, and sparkly vampire name Edward. They fell in love for no reason and lived happily ever after."

    There's the plot right there. It would've saved about a million trees to write it that way.

  19. I'm sorry, OP, you are a douche. I know I'm writing this three years later, but I was so annoyed by your story that I had to say something even if no one will ever read it ever. Why do men go after unattainable women so often, when there's so many single and awesome women out there? And yes, you are selfish because she had a boyfriend and you were trying to get with her. That's rude. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and you were Mark? How would you feel? Ugh. I am beyond frustrated with you. Boo. But then again, I am writing a screenplay about this exact, same thing. :D


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