Did I Mention I was Rich?

E-mail Submitted by Kelly:

Let me start off by saying that I'm rich.

Now that I have your attewntion, you should write me back. You're a fine lady, but looks aren't everything and you know it.  Why don't you give a guy like me a chance.

If we were workers working in the same cafeteria or college students in person, I'd have a much easier time approaching you because then we'd be in person with each other.  Over the web, you have time to stop, take your time, evaluate, it just isn't real anymore.  Does ot that bug you?  It bugs me

I have had girlfriends in the past who have made me do all sorts of things to hold the relationship together.  One time I balanced on a fence (with the help of a laundry line) for an hour outside a girl's window.  The girl was my girlfriend and she was seeing another guy and I balanced and saw them in her bedroom and I stopped them.  I don't wait, I take, and that's just who I am ?

Maybe we could have something special maybe not but you're on here to meet people and if you don't meet me you won't be meeting me, so why be on here if you won't meet me?  Ha!



  1. I love the "logic" at the end of the message.

  2. "and that's just who I am ?" = "I'm Ron Burgundy?"

  3. Nice Hapa! I can see him writing the whole thing now. Nice lady? Might as well call her a grandma.

    Um, how the fuck did the girlfriend make him hold the relationship together by spying on her cheating?

    Jared, I'm digging the email retardation. We've gotten far too nice and PC lately. Bring on the idjits!

  4. "I don't wait, I take, and that's just who I am ?"

    Translation - he will decide when its time for you two to have sex, your opinion won't be necessary...

  5. "I balanced and saw them in her bedroom and I stopped them" might just be the funniest thing I have read on the internet in a long time.


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