When Can You Pick Me Up?

**NEW ABCotD FEATURE: This is a dating site e-mail.  A bad one.  Do you have any cringe-worthy ones of your own?  Send 'em into abadcaseofthedates at gmail dot com!

E-mail Submitted by Alexa:

well hello i am just looking around. first off my name is jacob a down to earth guy looking for some fun . i love to do about anything i aim to please and wont stop till the job is compleate. i love woman just to be around wonderful respectful ladie is great. i have a lil thing for pretty feet meaning well kept painted etc i do not like to suck or lick jus to rub give a lil tickle lol but i have learned that some woman dont like their feet played with and i also have a thing with hair you can always find me taken my fingers to put a womans hair behind her ears or taken my finger tips and massaging her scalp jus love to have her feeling very calm wanted and to let her no how beautiful she is . i have learned that woman that post a profile tend to post it out of a mood they were in and never respond i have sent a couple of ladies messages with no luck theres not too many on here that fit what iam looking for but as in you your picture is very pretty and i could deffently want to chat with you try to see if i could be something you would want. well ne who girl get back at me let me no either way so i no iam not just sending messages to fake profiles thanks and again my name is jacob you can call me jack ttyl


  1. He sounds like a WINNER!!! Can't imagine why you let that one get away!!! :)

  2. Always with the feet with these people


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