That's a Doggone Shame. And a Little Creepy.

Story Submitted by Michelle:

I met Tyler when I was in a play in graduate school. He was the photographer hired to take our head shots. He was a good-looking man, so I waited with anticipation while the other cast members had their time with him. When it came to be my turn, I was stunned, caught like a deer in the headlights of his mesmerizing  blue eyes.

That night after rehearsal, he invited me to join him for dinner and I readily accepted. There, he regaled me with stories of travel and adventure. Having been both a model and a photographer, there were few places he had left unvisited.

I was most enthralled by his camping trip through Prince Edward Island, Canada. He spent a few weeks there, exploring the island's riches with only his dog as a companion. I was smitten by his charm and charisma.

For our next date, he prepared me a special vegetarian meal. The food was delicious. His place was quaint and eclectic. Our chemistry was palpable. The problem was mainly the conversation.

He told me how much he loved dogs. In fact, one of his favorite activities was to take walks in the evening, find dogs penned up in yards, let them out, take them for a spin, and bring them back.

Interesting. Okay, I could understand feeling like the poor creatures had been cooped up all day and wanting to make sure they were able to get a modicum of exercise. On the other hand, having been a dog owner, if I looked out my window and saw some random guy taking my dog for a walk, I might not have felt the same way. No worries, it was probably harmless.

He told me about his former dogs, even opening one of his kitchen cabinets to reveal laminated copies of the lost dog flyers had had put up when they had gone missing.

We moved off of the subject, and talked about various other topics when he said, "Did I ever tell you about the time I backpacked around Prince Edward Island with my girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend? I thought you backpacked with your dog."

"Yeah. Sometimes I called her my girlfriend.  She kept me warm on a lot of cold, lonely nights.  You know how it can be."

I'm not sure what flimsy excuse I used at that point to let me gracefully exit his apartment, but exit I did.

A few days later, on the opening night of my show, he called to invite me out for what might have been our third date.

He asked, "Do you have any plans tonight?"

"Actually, yes, it's opening night of my show."

He said, "That's right.  I was wondering if you wanted to make a porno.  I'm house sitting and I wanted to see if you wanted to come over. There's a hottub.  We could have some alcohol and some clothes or lots of alcohol and no clothes. Your choice."



  1. Guaranteed he'd throw it to you...Doggy Style.

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA God, I love real-life trolls.

  3. Wait. Nooooooo! Jared, you changed it!

    I suppose in an attempt to make it more PG, a few details were edited. He actually said in reference to his dog/girlfriend, "I loved to watch her walk. She had such sexy hips." And there was reference to the dog where he was housesitting in his offer to make a porn.

    True story.

  4. Michelle, I am so sorry that Jared got all fascist on your story and cut out the best bestiality parts. Probably hit a little too close to home for him.


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