Swing Batter Batter Batter

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E-mail Submitted by Seth:

I'm Anna.  You might be interested to know that I was valedectorian of my senior class and that I planned our class trip to Florida the year that we all went to Florida on a class trip.

In your profile you say that you like carpenters, guitar, and poetry.  I am also into animals, books (short and long and very long) and making dinner.

My boyfriend has been gone for a long time.  I stopped dating for a while but now I'm back and better and badder and batter than ever.  That was a cooking joke.  Cooking batter.  Do you know what the batter is all a batter?

I'd love to hear back.  Hit me batter batter batter.




Seth says, "The PS was blank.  I guess I'll never know what she wanted to add.  Or where her boyfriend went."


  1. You're into carpenters?


  2. Most women do like a firm dose of wood.... Not sure what Seth's into ???

    Also, seems Anna's boyfriend maybe never came back from spring training...

    The PS she erased was: I'm a bullet, dodge me!

  3. at least she was up front about her crazy.....

  4. Not really enjoying these emails - more stories!

  5. Some of the emails are pretty funny. I kind of like getting a look at the rejected people who didn't get a chance to become a bad date.

  6. @Tom -

    I'm still posting up at least one story a day. Go on a bad date yourself and send it in, if you would be so kind.


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