So Says the Big Soft Pillow Man

E-mail Submitted by Tom:

hay baby.  you're kind of cute and i like your pics alot.  about me my name is sheila and i like alot of the same things that you do.  how long have you been on this site.

i like hot nights out on the town with my girls or just staying in with wine and a good snugle partner.  i think youd be good for snugling because your a big guy and big guys are like big fat comfy pillows.... haha jk.

i almost never write to guys on here but your profile and pics are great.  write me back and maybe we can go out and have a nice time and go on another date maybe in and then who knows..........


  1. I'm SO happy to know this shit happens to the men, too. This is one of my fave emails of all time: http://thisonetimeonmatch.blogspot.com/2010/09/slow-hugs-and-regards.html

  2. Not supposed to be.


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