"One of Us Is a Weird Person"

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E-mail Submitted by Kate:

Since I am working on my masters thesis these days, and I am spending too much time about academic stuff, let's write this letter in an academic way. So, I am going to tell you about the purpose of this email right away: I am writing this email to ask you out for coffee or a drink sometime!!!! ( FYI: I AM NOT A NERD AT ALL!!!! sorry that this email is too scientific... lol... that's because I wanted to grab your attention. At the end of this email I will ask you to tell me how successful my attemps was)

I try not to judge people based on their pictures, nor what they write in their profiles. People usually claim they are great and they try to advertise for themselves in this website, however, I prefer to see them face to face, talk with them, and then judge them based on how they think, talk and behave.

I know you will ask me, if I don't judge people based on their profile and pictures, how I have picked you up and emailed you? You will probably think I am emailing everyone if I am not judging them based on their pics and profile. Well, I should say I don't judge them, but I do filter them based on my minimum expectations. I am emailing you because I have read your profile and seen your pics and I think we have those minimum and maybe it's worth it to know each other a little bit more.

I read your profile, and looked at your pics. It seems that you like adventures. That's awesome. I know many people say I felt in love with you righ away, or I got very interested in you. To be honest, I cannot claim something like that because I don't know you well. I even don't know your name, and don't know your personality and lifestyle. I am sure you don't know anything about me as well. That's why I suggested to have coffee together.

Sitting outside in a beautiful day like this, having coffee together and talking face to face will give us the opportunity to know each other better. I know we have not talked for an hour yet, but let's think what happens if we meet for coffee.There can be 3 outcomes out of it.

1. one of us is a weird person: in this case by meeting face to face the other erson will know that he/she should not keep in touch with this person anymore. This is a good outcome because he/she will save his/her time by knowing that early.

2. we are both OK, but we do not click. Then we can either be just friends-it is always good to meet new people and make new friends- or we decide not to see each other anymore. In this scenario we have tried our chance at no cost, and we will not regret it later.

3. we meet, and we click in the first meeting. This case is obviously the best scenario. If it happens, we can meet each other more and know each other better and see where we end up.

So in conclusion, meeting for coffee has the lowest cost (in terms of time and risk), but it can have great benefits for us ( again in terms of time savings, and opportunities)... lol.... by the way, this process that I just used is a scientific process known as COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS, and I can provide you with the scientific proof, and sources at your request ;)

(Let me know what you think about my email) ----> this is not part of the email

Have a good day and hope to hear from you soon.



  1. I'm an accounting major and what is this?

  2. This isn't that weird an email, the guy comes across as nice and funny, I'd go on a date with someone if they sent an email like that!

  3. Ash -

    I have a good guy for you: http://www.abadcaseofthedates.com/2010/10/al-girls-want-to-be-princesses.html

  4. Ash-

    It's the grammar, really... he's trying to sound impressive and intelligent, and some of his sentences make absolutely no sense.

  5. I think he sounds a bit pretentious and full of himself. I also found the essay-style invitation to be weird, silly, and, like Erin says, some parts make no sense.

  6. Not heeding at all his friends' advice, Paul figured he should double down on the nerdiness when emailing girls...

  7. (Let me know what you think about my email) ----> this is not part of the email

    That absolutely blew my mind.

  8. I would have given this guy a chance. It's kind of long (it shows that he spent way too much time on the dating site) but it is quirky, funny, and different.

  9. It's definitely an unusual email that would stand out from the other more typical ones, points for originality. He seems reasonably intelligent & the email was intended to be humorous. Maybe he's not your type, probably a little bit of a geek, but he still seems like an ok guy...

  10. My sense is that this guy a) a tad over-eager and b)not a native English-speaker. He seems harmless; this was a really exhaustive and bizarre way to say: let's grab coffee; we have nothing to lose. I think curiosity alone would have spurred me to meet this dude. I'm kind of dying to see his scientific proof and request sources.

  11. To everyone who says that this guy just seems a little awkward but pretty harmless...

    have you NEVER read any of the dates on this site? Half of the ones that the people (mostly women, honestly) submit start with the phrase "His message to me on the online dating site seemed a little weird, but it was sweet in a nerdy way, and he seemed pretty harmless."

    Then disaster strikes, and these poor people have something good to post on abcotd.


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